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Why people Enter Into Relationships With Age Differences

Cougar [a relatively new term in this context] and sugar daddy are words that are becoming common place these days. More and more persons are entering relationships with major age differences, more and more are becoming ok with it. Not everyone, though. Seeing people together who are obviously of completely different age groups can invoke very strong feelings in persons looking on. I think that that is mostly because we do not understand it; well quite frankly, if my child came home with a partner who is twice his age I am not sure I would understand it either. So, apart from the negative reasons [like for money], why do people enter into relationships with major age differences or gaps?

Cougars are natural predators in the wild. The term, however, is now used colloquially to describe a woman dating a younger man
a cougar laying motionless

An obvious reason that everyone would probably guessis physical attractiveness and sexual capabilities. Yes younger persons do not have sagging skin and wrinkles, drooping breasts, grey hair [at least most of them do not] and are certainly vore vivacious and full of energy for sexual purposes. Not everyone wants to grow old and grey with their partner, some prefer to look at young blood to help them keep young themselves.

Another reason is the commitment factor. I am not saying that everyone in relationships with age differences are not committed to one another and do not plan to have long lasting relationships. However, there are persons who enter these relationships just because they do not have to worry about commitment. They simply want a companion for the time being to travel, explore and have fun with.

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Also, people enter into relationships with age differences for flexibility. For instance, a man who is already grounded in his career would probably not want to be bothered with a woman who is also already set in her way of life. By choosing a younger partner, he finds someone who may be willing to go anywhere his business would take him. With the rise in women taking their place in the working world, women are becoming more and more business oriented and less and less traditional. Such a woman would want a partner who would be willing to play more of a part in the household. A younger man would be more ideal  for such a purpose as, again, they are not heavy set in their ways and are more easily adjusted owing to cultural differences nowadays.

Oh and, of course, let us not forget about love. Two persons just become very fond of each other and decide that, in spite of all the  negative comments and potential problems withage difference relationships, they are going to be together. I mean, hey, love is love right?

If you know someone who is in a relationship with a major age difference or age gap, do not be too quick to judge. Maybe we should look at the reasons for such a move and see if it fits the person that we know. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone will be the same and want the same things out of life. Just hope, though, that they are prepared to deal with theimpact of age difference on relationships.

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