About Me

Hello, thank you for visiting “Let’s talk relationships”. I am Kamstew, happy to have you here.

The aim of this blog is for us to help each other maintain healthy relationships. Whether you are a part of an old, experienced, seen it all married couple or a fresh, exciting young romance, you will experience challenges. So here on “Let’s talk relationships”, we take a look at various problems or issues that may arise in a romantic relationship and discuss them. Anything that is written on here is first researched. I throw my opinion in there once in a while but, rest assured, any solutions given are the product of research and deductions thereof.

Why I started this blog? The simple answer is, I like observing and understanding the dynamics of relationships. I am not a professional blogger but I do hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology and I use the skills garnered from that to help me understand people’s behavior and cognition in romance. I, myself, am married and have been in the same relationship for over 10 years now. Happily too, I might add. However, challenges do come along and so I am learning here along with you as I research and blog.

I started this blog back in late 2011 but I forgot about it and did not update it for about two years. One day I came back and found that it still got visitors daily; that warmed my heart. So I am continuing. I need your help, though. Any suggestions you may have would be well appreciated. Visit my contact me page and drop me a line. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Again, thank you so much for making it Let’s talk relationships. Feel free to always return.

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