Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What women want from their men

A professionally dressed woman reading a book in an office. What does she want? That is a question that a lot of men seem to ask. You see, some men think that it is enough to simply provide financial support or physical help for the women in their lives. However, there is a lot more to keeping a woman than that. I always say that some men only concentrate on that initial phase of getting the woman, sweeping her off her feet. The real art though, for me, is the ability to keep the woman and keep her happy. That is where a lot of men fall short, they have no clue as to how to love a woman and maintain a happy relationship.

A companion

A woman needs someone to share all the responsibilities with. Someone to share the decision making process. A woman wants to know that when she is unable to get something done, she can depend on her partner. She does not need someone whom she will have to pick up after and run behind. She needs someone reliable, a man to help her and pick up the slack. A leader, capable of and willing to take responsibility for his actions, but not someone to boss her around and dominate the relationship. Rather, she needs equality as an affirmation to the fact that what she thinks and says matters.

To feel loved

Women are obviously more sensitive than men. We need to not only hear you say “I love you” but we need to see it in actions. Let her know why you love her. Tell her how gorgeous she is looking today, how her dress hugs her beautiful figure well. Yes, we need to hear it. It is not that a woman lacks self confidence why she needs to hear this from her man but she only wants to know that she can still turn the head of her man. It keeps the spunk in the relationship.

A woman serving food in an outside setting
Make her feel loved, also, by showing appreciation. Can you imagine a woman slaving away at a dinner and the man comes in and does not want it or, even if he eats it, complains about the taste? That will drive a woman crazy. It is not that you cannot give constructive criticism but you must be tactful. Let her know you appreciate her.

Another thing is how he touches her. If the only time he touches her is when he wants sex then she will pick up on the pattern and begin to resent him for it. It should not be that every time a man gently touches and massages his woman it is because he needs sex. No, she will feel as if that is the only thing he wants her for. The man must know how to make her feel good without always wanting something in return.


This is a big one. Women like to express themselves, the way they are feeling. I know That there is a huge difference between the sexes in this regard but the greatest thing you will ever need to learn about a relationship is the art of compromising. So meet her half way. Talk about what is happening with you, what is happening at work etc. Again, we do not expect men to be as talkative as we are. Just have a conversation, she will lead the way.

Women are strong beings but we have soft hearts that can be broken easily. However, if a man plays his cards right, she will always be his tower of strength.

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